Thalli Pogathey 2020 Movie Download Online Leaked by Tamilrockers

Thalli Pogathey 2020 Movie Download Online Leaked by Tamilrockers

Thalli Pogathey 2020 Movie Download It is a south Indian Tamil film directed by acclaimed filmmaker Gautham Vasudev Menon, starring STR, Manjima Mohan, and Baba Sehgal.

Music for this film is composed by the Academy and BAFTA award winner A.R.Rahman. DOP – Dan MacArthur, Dani Raymond Joseph | Editing – Anthony | Art – Rajeevan | Lyrics by Thamarai. Thalli Pogathey 2020 Movie Download

Everyone welcome back to my channel. So today I’m going to be reacting to the little girl say I am so excited because the song is a very pretty song. And yeah, like I know the song a good song, but I really hope that they’re going to let me post it because I found that sometimes of older songs. I don’t know how old this was kind of old not too old.

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May be old but not old enough for it to be blocked because I did try to react to I don’t I feel like a fool song like songs. And yeah, I wouldn’t let me put in I was so sad about that. But yeah, it’s okay moving on.

I feel like is here but it’s good but the song is so much better than the video. I like thee and look in the video of and how he does in the video, but the only thing is like during the rapping part.

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I don’t feel like that voice matches him like his demeanor sometimes as we do on your little you think that that that the actors and actresses actually sing the song and that is something that’s happening more.

Now. It says she was people in Spanish but clicks in distance like you you could tell like it doesn’t fit doesn’t yell like some people you expect a certain voice like especially I remember like Jo like she would have a specific sound and I think everyone that’s watched her old movies. Like she’s a very specific voice in songs almost as if they use the same person each time. That’s kind of.

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Just the fact that it doesn’t align for me just the rapping part specifically and like acting was just something I noticed was the fact that they both flew off of this bike. Right and he’s on the floor.

I totally get that his vision Spotify her. She’s so far. I know she didn’t get hit by a bus, but the fact that like for she could barely get up and now she’s like coherent enough to take off the helmet and then run over there like,

Thalli Pogathey 2020 Full Movie Download

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